Proposed Design: Naval Gate (1st Street) to 6th Street

The proposed design for this segment of the corridor includes widening sidewalks, repurposing existing pavement to bicycle lanes on both sides of the street, and providing enhanced pedestrian crossings. To better facilitate connection to 1st Street and avoid bicycle and pedestrian traffic crossing in front of traffic at the Naval gate, the team is considering a 2 way cycle track between 1st Street along with a raised table crossing at Gregory Way.

Segment Overview

1st to 6th Overview
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Naval Ave to Burwell
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Design Options Under Consideration

The intersection of Naval Avenue and Burwell is an important intersection for all modes of travel. Below are design options proposed for the intersection. The goal of the design is to enhance walking and cycling along the corridor without negatively impacting the traffic on the cross streets.

The Burwell Street carries a large amount of commuter traffic and the intersection with Naval Avenue is important.

Design Option 1 provides similar lane configurations at the intersection with 3 approach lanes in the southbound direction. This includes a left turn lane and through lane and a dedicated right turn lane. The right turn lane provides storage for two to three vehicles turning right onto Burwell Street. However, this only allows space for 5 foot sidewalks through this segment and creates a minor offset for through lanes. The team is also considering widening to accommodate continuous wider sidewalks and better alignment through the intersection.

Burwell First Option
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Design Option 2 removes the right turn lane and associated storage and only provides a combined through/right turn lane. This alternative better aligns the intersection for vehicles traveling through the intersection and allows for 10 foot wide sidewalks to continue through this segment. The reduction in capacity from the removal of the right turn lane will increase congestion and result in some drivers choosing to travel a different route to get to Burwell Street.

Burwell Second Option
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Design Option 3 – Per the grant application, the City is evaluating the feasibility of a roundabout at this location. Burwell is a State Route, so all intersection control options must be reviewed. A roundabout would have operational benefits but would require a larger footprint.

Naval Ave Burwell Roundabout
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