Proposed Design: 6th Street to 11th Street

The City’s proposed design includes widening the sidewalk, creating bike lanes on both sides of the street, installing enhanced pedestrian crosswalks at 8th and 10th streets, updating the segment to meet accessibility needs. Additionally, the project team will add signing and striping to provide proper school zone delineation for the Naval Avenue Early Learning Center.

Segment Overview

6th to 11th Overview
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Based on input from the community and the Bremerton School District the City is considering altering the travel patterns on 8th Street and 10th Street to be one-way adjacent the Naval Avenue Early Learning Center property.

This modification to traffic circulation would promote better traffic flow and provide adequate space for on-street parking for the block adjacent the school. See the below graphic for more details.

Naval Ave 1st to 15th Couplet
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Design Options Under Consideration

The 11th Street / Naval Avenue is a challenging intersection with limited right-of-way and high vehicle traffic along 11th Street. The City is looking at two potential configurations for this intersection to add bicycle facilities and enhance safety for all users. All alternatives propose carrying the bike lane through the intersection to provide a safer transition to a shared facility to the north of the intersection.

Design Option 1 maintains current lane configuration on 11th and narrows lanes north of the intersection to provide for bike lane transition and wider sidewalks along Naval Avenue.  City is considering additional widening at this location to enhance safety and provide wider sidewalks connecting to 11th Street.

11th Street First Option
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Design Option 2 removes the left turn lanes from 11th Street restricting vehicles from making lefts from 11th Street onto Naval Avenue. This allows the existing pavement from the left turn lanes to be reused for proper sidewalk spacing on both Naval Avenue and connecting to 11th Street and to provide additional sight distance at the intersection.

11th Street Second Option
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