Proposed Design

During the non-motorized plan process, community members spoke specifically about the unsafe routes for bicyclists and pedestrians to access Naval Avenue Early Learning Center, expressed a concern about the difficult crossing at the intersection of Naval Avenue and Burwell Street, and called for sidewalk improvements and bike lanes to be implemented along Naval Avenue between 1st and 15th Streets. This project delivers on a commitment to address the concerns shared by the community during the Non-Motorized Plan process.

Naval Ave intersection
Naval Ave and 15th Street Intersection

Bike lanes

Bike lanes allow cyclists to safely ride alongside traffic, without taking up space on sidewalks. This project will place 5 foot bike lanes alongside traffic from 1st to 11th Streets, and bike “share the road” arrows between 11th and 15th streets.

Wider sidewalks

Wide sidewalks allow all pedestrians, including those with accessibility needs, safe travel along roadways. This project will widen the sidewalks on the entire project corridor to maximum amount feasible, 10 feet in most segments.


Crosswalks signal to drivers to look out for pedestrians and allow pedestrians to safely cross roads and intersections. The City is considering crosswalk enhancements at various locations along the project corridor, including a raised crossing near the NBK Gate, Pedestrian activated Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) at 8th Street and 10th Street, and crosswalk markings for all side streets within the school zone.