Project Overview

Naval Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Enhancements Project

Thousands of people travel along Bremerton’s Naval Avenue each day. This stretch of roadway, between 1st and 15th streets, connects people who work at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and North Base Kitsap (NBK) with housing, schools and businesses. Narrow sidewalks along Naval Avenue make it difficult for people to walk and roll through the area. The corridor currently has narrow sidewalks with gaps in access for people with mobility impairments. The roadway is also lacking bicycle infrastructure, making it uncomfortable for people biking to safely share the road with vehicles.

In developing the City of Bremerton’s Non-motorized plan, the city gathered community feedback on existing concerns for people walking, rolling and biking. Community members expressed a need for better sidewalk networks, including wider sidewalks, connecting fragmented sidewalk networks, and removing sidewalk obstructions. From that feedback, this project was identified as one to meet those objectives.

Current Naval Ave
Current Naval Ave – Click map to open in a separate window

Project Needs Statement

The City of Bremerton’s Non-motorized plan calls for a fully developed bicycle/pedestrian system, serving residents, commuters, shoppers, and visitors. A complete bikeway and walkway network will increase connections within the community, grow the number of children walking and biking to school, and promote the health of Bremerton residents by making walking and bicycling safe, comfortable, and attractive travel modes. The Naval Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Enhancement Project will deliver on a promise made in the Non-motorized plan, providing key connections to the Bremerton walking and biking system.  This corridor provides a strategic north/south connection, leveraging the City’s previous investments in walking and cycling infrastructure as well as provide connectivity to future planned infrastructure.

Stakeholder Advisors

The project team is working closely with key stakeholders in the project area to ensure the design meets the needs of all corridor users.

Stakeholder advisors include representatives from:

  • North Base Kitsap – Largest employer in the County
  • Bremerton School District – Naval Avenue Early Learning Center
  • Bremerton Fire and Rescue
  • Kitsap Transit
  • Washington State Department of Transportation
  • West Sound Cycle Club
  • Kitsap County Accessible Communities Advisory Committee


The City of Bremerton will engage community members through the project. Important design deadlines are highlighted below.

June 2020: 30% Design
Stakeholder Involvement
Online Open House

August 2020: 60% Design
Continued Stakeholder Involvement

November 2020: 90% Design
Public Involvement TBD per COVID-19 guidelines

December 2020: 100% Design

2022/2023: Anticipated construction begins

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